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Can lefthanded golfers use the Phigolf app?



  • Grayjca

    How do I change my profile to left handed whenever I play the local games in the Philgolf app not the WGT golf?

  • Rudy Kallock

    I’d like to know the answer too.

  • Kevin Crout

    Can’t see how to do it either via the Phigolf app, interested to know how.

  • lpmccooley

    Yea. We might need an updated answer here. I do not see any left handed option on the app

  • Steven

    I can’t work out how to set it to Left Handed also. It says Right Handed and can’t be changed. Please help.

  • Worldgooner

    Same problem. My son is left handed and I am right handed. Can’t set his account to left handed and nowhere to change this.

  • Xavier

    Please update answer.

  • Steve Smith

    I would like to know this also. If answer not forthcoming within a week I will start the return process. 

  • Xavier

    I played the Phigolf app/game with a right handed player and there was no issues with the swings despite the app reading "right hand" for the players dexterity during a stroke play 1 v 1.

    Now, on WGT Golf app (it has better graphics that PhiGolf--sorry), you're able to select the players' dexterity. The avatar displays the swing as it should. For what I paid for this in comparison to a $20,000 system this is a bargain! It's not perfect, but the swing is close to my real one. The distance is a bit long (10-20 extra yards), but I am not complaining.

  • Dave

    Why has no one from PHIGOLF addressed this problem??????



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